As an educational institution, we are well aware that one of the current menaces among children and adolescents is obesity.

Nutrition is the basis of life and, as such, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a healthy, varied and balanced diet, in terms of nutritional quality and hygiene. The nutritional education of children should begin at home with the family, with due monitoring at school. Because of this, we are concerned with creating healthy eating habits in our students, from an early age on. We encourage the intake of fiber and vitamins and the reduced ingestion of sugar, fat and salt, as this contributes to their physical and mental well-being, not forgetting that the attention span and the performance of intellectual and physical work improve with adequate nutritional habits.

In this sense, we rely on the services of a nutritionist, Mária Benedito, bearer of the Personal Certificate 2845N who develops, implements and oversees our menus, which always offer balanced and varied meals and include a daily vegetarian or egg-dairy-vegetarian option.

Taking into account that in the first three years of a child's life there is a window of opportunity to learn how to appreciate all types of food and try out various textures, there is a specific menu for the babies (Nursery and Year 1 old) and children from 2 years on are gradually introduced to the general menus, which are available to the rest of the community.

Our meals are fully prepared in the School’s kitchen, which is certified in HACCP, using fresh ingredients that are acquired on a daily basis.

Eating several times a day is very important and, thus, in addition to lunch, we provide other light meals such as the morning snack, afternoon snack, and late snack (for children from Nursery, Kindergarten and Basic Education who have an extended schedule):

  • Morning snack: fruit and/or carrot sticks; rice or maize biscuit (galletas); breadsticks (gressinos) or cake prepared at school;
  • Lunch: soup, meat or fish (every other day) or vegetarian or egg-dairy-vegetarian. The students may also enjoy a varied salad buffet (always available), and dessert: fruit and/or sweet (provided once a week);

In the Nursery (children aged less than 2), lunch will always consist of a starter soup or an enriched soup (with meat or fish), a starter dish and dessert, which will be adjusted, in accordance to the nutritional development phase in which the child is in;

  • Afternoon snack: bread with butter, cheese, ham or fresh cheese and plain milk or with barley or yoghurt. In the Kindergarten the meal consists of milk porridge or yoghurt porridge with fruit or with a “Maria” biscuit;
  • Late snack: fruit or bread with butter.