It is essential for us to promote the integral and balanced development of the Students as human beings and create an educational environment of respect amongst all participants in the educational process.

In this sense, each student should follow the 7 principles of the Students’ Code of Honour:

1. "I hear those that are around me: I learn with others, I am polite";

2. "I always speak with moderation: I tell the truth, I promote a constructive dialog";

3. "I care for what belongs to all: I protect the environment, I take care of school equipment and facilities";

4. "I am persistent: I fight for my goals, I always do my best";

5. "I work as part of a team: I believe that together we are stronger, we will always go further";

6. "I see the world with humility and solidarity: I respect differences, I help those in need"; and

7. "I act with a joyful heart: I embrace the future, I transform this world into a better place."