Colégio do Vale was founded in the school year 1992-1993, with the motto "A School from a different ROOT" and aims at implementing an educational project that provides a diversified education of high quality, embracing an education that respects difference and values, tolerance and solidarity.

Our mission is to provide children and youngsters with the opportunity to safely and autonomously experience and discover new paths, in order to form COMPETENT, RESPONSIBLE, MOTIVATED, AUTONOMOUS, SYNERGETIC, PROACTIVE, SUPPORTIVE and above all, HAPPY students!

It intends to be a leading School at a national level and a facilitator of the personal and intellectual development of children and youngsters who seek to achieve this. Its mission is to educate and guide them, based on standards of quality, demand, autonomy and innovation; to inspire them to acquire knowledge, develop a spirit of cooperation and solidarity, giving them the freedom to be creative and the support to achieve success.

It values the learning of different knowledges and skills, which are crucial in today’s world, such as the contact with other cultures. It also implements information technology in a perspective of globalization of the information and knowledge. In this sense, English is a privileged language within the Activities of Curriculum Enrichment and it is compulsory, starting at the age of 3 years. French and Spanish are introduced in the 5th grade, also as an Activity of Curriculum Enrichment. In the 7th grade, students have the option to choose between French and Spanish.

It favours the participation of Parents and the rest of the Community in the life of the School, in a dynamic and interactive attitude, so as to ensure a solid education.

This project is built upon pillars that structure and give meaning to the School’s educational action. It seeks to accomplish a rich pedagogical project at all levels of education, framed by the overall goals of the Nursery, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of Basic Education, which are updated annually.

According to the Educational Project of Colégio do Vale, each student will:

  • Learn to connect, reflect upon, and present their ideas;
  • Acquire skills at all levels of knowledge - knowing how to be, how to behave and how to do – and apply these skills for both their personal growth as well as for those who are around them, in a learning experience that is intended to be collective and community-based;
  • Apply the acquired know-how in different areas of knowledge, with the objective of continuing their studies, as well as gaining a better understanding of the world that surrounds them;
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge in different areas (scientific, humanistic, linguistic, artistic and physical-motor) in order to perceive them as integrating and multidisciplinary;
  • Understand and properly use the means at their disposal in the context of new technologies;
  • Gain written and spoken fluency; express themselves with confidence and clarity using their mother tongue; gain gradual fluency, written and oral, in English, Spanish or French, as a means to a better integration in the world today.
  • Acquire confidence in their abilities and in their learning, always striving to be autonomous, responsible and creative in all practices offered by each educational context;
  • Have a constructive critical spirit and show initiative/involvement, participating (individually or collectively) within the Class, the School and the Community on the basis of a culture of collaboration and thus sharing principles, goals and responsibilities;
  • Develop principles and values of solidarity by involving themselves in suchlike initiatives and actions;
  • Cherish the school environment (facilities, equipment and others), respecting the established rules of conduct, cultivating a constant need to explore cultural and outdoor activities, sports/ gymnastics and contributing to healthy and sustainable school experience; and
  • Adopt a good posture, both civically and ethically.

In this sense, the School offers:

  • A qualified and demanding faculty and educational management;
  • A Guidance and Psychology Office;
  • Appropriate teaching equipment;
  • A curricular and extracurricular complement, particularly in Information and Communication Technologies, Information Systems and Multimedia, Tennis, Swimming, Language School - English [in partnership with the United School/ University of Cambridge, in order to prepare students for sitting the examinations of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Spanish (in partnership with the Instituto Cervantes, Colégio do Vale being recognised as an Examination Center), Portuguese as a foreign language, Mandarin and German; and
  • A sharing of responsibilities and decision-making powers between the Educational Management Department and the School Departments, constituted around multidisciplinary areas and integrated across all levels of education.

Of these areas we highlight the following Departments:

  • Languages and Social Sciences and Humanities;
  • Sciences;
  • Arts and Artistic Expressions; and
  • Physical Education and Sports.

The Educational Project of Colégio do Vale is complemented by an Annual Plan of Activities involving all its functional areas and taking into consideration the evaluation of the prior school year. It values methodologies focused on continuous improvement of the quality and diversity of education and the challenge of helping students develop skills to participate and interact in a global and highly competitive world.

Our services stand out for the Rigor, Transparency, Commitment, Dedication and Affection, which are applied on a daily basis.

More information on the Educational Project, can be found in the area reserved for Guardians/ Parents (here)