1. Registration: until the 25th of each month, starting in the following month;

2. Cancellation of Registration: must be made in writing, until the 25th of the month previous to the cancellation;

3. Period of functioning: From 1st October 2018 until 28th June 2019;

4. Holidays: 27th December 2018 to 2nd January 2019 and from 15th to 22nd April 2019;

5. Intended for: Students of the School and External students, within the same age range. However, the integration of students in the various activities will depend on an evaluation conducted by the respective Teachers, in accordance with the technical level and/or maturity of Students;

6. External students: External students have to formalize the registration at the School Reception desk;

7. Experimental classes: The first two attended classes will be considered as experimental (only in activities related to sports and corporal expression); their attendance must be request by filling in the "Comments" field at the mandatory registration form;

8. Shifting scheduals: when necessary, Colégio do Vale reserves the right to change the days and times defined for each activity;

9. Cancellation of the activity: in case there is an insufficient number of students to carry out an activity, the same may not start or be canceled during the school year;

10. Transportation: since it will not be possible to guarantee the transportation service provided by Colégio do Vale, for students who attend these activities in the afternoon, Guardians/Parents must fill in a form at the reception desk with the days of the week when they will not need to use this service;

11. Equipment:

     (a) The equipment for the activities of Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics should only be purchased after talking to the activities’ teachers;

     (b) Equipment needed for the practice of football may be acquired at the reception desk.

12. The Swimming School functions in accordance to the following specific conditions:

     (a) Students will be subject to prior assessment, to occur during the last week of each month, with the purpose of defining their swimming level.

     (b) Students can only be allowed into the swimming pool facilities with their Parents and/or Guardians or their Representatives, except for older Students (5th to 9th grade). These can be allowed through a written request (for example, by email) by their Parents and/or Guardians.

     (c) After the Swimming Lessons, Students may not return to the School premises so, their Parents and/or Guardians become responsible for picking them up from their lessons.

13. Payments: payments must be subject to invoicing by Colégio do Vale, except for:

     (a) The Language School - Payment made directly to United School;

     (b) Swimming pool - Payments made at the Colégio do Vale swimming pool.

14. Prices: Price with VAT included at the legal rate and subject to possible changes .

15. Support service: The Coordinator of the Extracurricular Activities is available to answer telephone calls when requested in advance and face-to-face meetings on Fridays from 4pm to 5pm, by prior appointment only.

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